Current goals

We are dedicated to supporting the defenders of Ukraine. We raise funds to fulfill requests that we receive from these brave men and women, ensuring that they have the resources they need to carry out their duties and protect their country.

Buy warm clothes for ukrainian defenders

There's no heating in the trenches, but it's within your power to warm up our defenders.
Our soldiers from the 1st Separate Tank Siverska Brigade find themselves in terrible winter conditions, while the enemy is exploiting this to their advantage. It's time to take action and provide our fighters with survival supplies while they ensure your and your family safety.
🎯 Goal: € 3000
💥 Location: Avdiivka
The procedure is know to everyone: donate and tell your friend to support.

€698 funded of €3000 goal



We are proud to share with you some of the recent projects that you have completed by donating to ïbosh. Thanks to your support, thanks to you we have been able to make a impact in Ukraine

The Big Bang Збір 💥

Mavic 3T for the 1st Tank Brigade.
I won't say the explosion is needed urgently; that's clear. But the soldiers have prepared gifts for your support, though they're sure you'd support them without extra presents. 🥰
Once we reach €6000 (240,000 hryvnias) 🫙, we'll give away 10 brigade chevrons, a signed flag, 3 mine tubes, and 3 grenade tubes, all signed 🫠.
The process is familiar: donate, share, comment, and don't forget to tell a friend about the fundraiser; it won't close on its own. 🦾

€6330 funded of €6000 goal


We need UAV 🦅

Together with Illia Martyniuk we are raising money for very powerful multi-purpose aircraft for Ukrainian defenders.
The manufacturer had taken into account the needs and specifics of the war we have today and had made a really robust product that already showed its strength numerous times in this war.
The price, unfortunately, is also enormous: 1126000 UAH or 26689 EUR.
So we would like to help Illya and collect 5000 EUR for this UAV.
In return, we prepared gifts for you - 21 patches from various units of the Ukrainian army and NATO
Get wings for Ukrainian defenders 🦅

€7064 funded of €5000 goal


We need them, they need YOU!🫵s

13 brave fighters and talented pilots have gathered to eliminate the enemy from the sky ☁️
Help them meet their urgent needs, namely: car repairs, purchasing pilot goggles, a remote control, and 5 kamikaze drones. In return, Ju87 and ïbosh have prepared gifts for you 🎁
The winners will be drawn as soon as the necessary amount of €5000 is collected 🫙
If you can't seek revenge yourself, support those who will do it for you!🦾🫡

€6000 funded of €5000 goal


Combat gear for Tolik

Hey everyone, my friend Tolik, a dedicated machine gunner, has been sent to Bakhmut to fight for Ukrainian freedom. He urgently needs combat gear, so we've started a crowdfunding campaign for 2175 EUR to get him some essentials by April 16th. Please consider contributing and sharing this information to your network. Let's help Tolik and support our brave fighters!

€1706 funded of €1706 goal


AGM Rattler TS50-640 Thermal Sight

We are collecting money for a highly needed thermal sight that will be eyes for our Heroes. Only 2600 euro left to reach our fundraising goal! Help us and win legendary Ukrainian chevrons for every euro you donate. These chevrons represent Ukraine's freedom. Start donating now and get a chance to win them! Take the opportunity to make a difference today!

€4000 funded of €4000 goal


8 x Tablets

We are fundraising money to get tablets for special unit of combat medics who are evacuating wounded people from the battle field. They need it to optimize their work and navigate through better. Please be our guide and light in the dark for our Heroes to save lives.

€2264 funded of €2264 goal


Motorola DP4800 VHF 136 - 174 Mhz

Ruslan and his brigade were relocated to Donetsk region, where very heavy fights are going on all the time. He asked us to support him with Radio transmitter for better communication to make their day to day work easier.

€828 funded of €828 goal


Rexton 4x4

Our good friend Lisa's dad and his brigade, who fight on the on Southern front line, urgently need a car. She collects money privately already and we all want to help them to get good car before winter so they are fast and well equipped to resist.

€3700 funded of €3700 goal


10 x Winter Boots

It is getting cold in Ukraine, and our defenders need warm and comfortable shoes. Georgian Legion reached out with a request for 10 pairs of boots, ~€159 each. Let's do our best to reach this goal as soon as possible.

€1557 funded of €1557 goal


Night vision monocular

Ruslan is in Mykolaiv and most of his assignments he performs during the night. But unfortunately, this is not easy to do without a night vision device, and he has none. So he asked for our help to get AGM PVS14 NL1 Night vision monocular with helmet mount for him.

€4800 funded of €4800 goal


2 x Dji mavic 3 fly combo

This drone is urgently needed in Donetsk region.

€4500 funded of €4500 goal


Current Status


€ 81 648


€ 81 396

Passionate people driving this project

Zoriana Lesyk

Hi there, my name is Zoriana, and I am passionate about my country, Ukraine 💙💛

Despite the ongoing war and negotiations that seem to take forever, I strongly believe that our defenders are the only ones capable of pushing the aggressor out of our land and restoring our freedom.

That's why I started this project - to raise funds for Ukrainian defenders and support them in their mission to protect our country. My top priorities are providing tactical equipment, emergency medical supplies, and clothing for our defenders.

Transparency is a crucial aspect of my project, and I update my reports daily to show you how much money we have received and how your donations are being distributed and what impact they have.

Join me in supporting our defenders and making a positive impact in Ukraine. Together, we can help win back our freedom and bring peace to our land.

Слава Україні 🇺🇦

Contact me via Instagram
Nataliia Kulak

My name is Nataliia Kulak and the love of my life volunteered to be in defence forces of Ukraine.

My entire family is staying in Kyiv.

That was conscious decisions.

They said “if not us then who?“.

Today I’m asking you the same question and doing my best to help my country win.

Please, be my own hero and support us with donations.

Героям слава! 🇺🇦

Contact me via Instagram


At ïbosh, we value transparency and accountability. We understand that your donations are precious, and we want you to know exactly how they are being used to support our mission.

That's why we provide regular reports that detail the distribution of donations, as well as all receipts for expenses incurred. We believe that this level of transparency is essential to building trust with our supporters and ensuring that our organization operates with integrity.

You can rest assured that every penny of your donation is being used to support our mission to help Ukrainian defenders and their families, and we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Thank you for your support, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Together, we can make a positive impact in Ukraine.